Roland Quelven - the Icarus project in three acts

2013| 08/04>08/05

ACT3 / The Drowning of Icarus. After the Fall Icarus drowned Blind. DVD PAL 16:9 03'05" [Loop] |2013

ACT1 / Ίκαρος Ἄνεμοι

Ἄνεμοι in ancient greek means the Winds.
Before the Fall, Icarus  traveled through the Winds....4 parts for 4 winds for 4 sound composers: for the wind Βορέας, Susanne Hafensher; for the wind Εύρος,Tania Giannouli; for the wind Ζέφυρος, Barbara De Dominicis and for the wind Νότος ,Leonardo Rosado.

Compass roses are often divided by a multiple of the number 4. I used the imagery of the first flight attempts which illustrates men with always that same obsession in mind... " it is possible to fly as a bird ". 


ACT2 / The Fall of Icarus 

The Fall of Icarus seen through an encyclopaedic eye, a list, a catalog of historic falls by planes, balloons, parachutes... including imagery of Pieter Bruegel The Fall of the Rebel Angels, some Birds I recorded and some old "falling footages". I made the sound and Melancholy Maaret read the poem Landsape with the Fall of Icarus by William Carlos Williams.

The Fall of Icarus has obtained a mention at the Festival international of Video Arte FIVAII in Buenos Aires
( November 2012).


ACT3 / The Drowning of Icarus.

After the Fall Icarus drowned Blind.

Icarus remembering his travel through the winds, a death waltz combining the dreams of flying and the drowning.

I chose to perform in this video; I consider the myth of Icarus as the desire of man to go even further, or risk having to come face to face with his status of a simple human being... a kind of autoportrait. The music has been composed by Sandra Chechik.



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